WhatsApp began to signal the forwarding of messages

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The messaging service, owned by Facebook, began to enable a type of alert included in the latest update, which seeks to identify messages forwarded in chats. Of course, the option at least for now is not activated for all users.Basically, the application began to show in the profiles of some users when a message is original content and when it has been resent. This will be visualized through a small message above the text that says “Message Forwarded”.

The new tool aims to stop, at least a little bit, the spam chains that usually arrive and that are so angry in the users of the platform.

This is one of the latest updates to use WhatsApp after many minor changes in recent months. The modifications included from changing how chats work to the powers that administrators have over them, also through the possibility of deleting messages after a few minutes of sending them.

On the other hand, the update that includes verified accounts of brands and companies that will be able to send messages to users, that is, the previous step before introducing direct advertising for the first time in WhatsApp, has not yet arrived.