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The president of the united states, Donald trump says that he has been briefed on a recording of Saudi journalist, Jamal Khashoggi’s murder but has refused to listen to it himself saying that it is a terrible and suffering tape.

Concluded reports from the CIA shows that the powerful Saudi Crown prince ordered the killing. However, the Whitehouse is yet to endorse the assessment. However Saudi Arabia has called the claim false and has denied any claims that the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman had any knowledge of the murder.

Khashoggi was a prominent critic of the Saudi government and was killed after entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on the 2nd October to obtain a marriage document. Supporters in the US congress have been pushing President trump for a tougher response to the killing. However, with Saudi Arabia being a key partner in the middle east a tougher response to the killing may be something that Mr. Trump is reluctant to do.

The US president, Donald Trump refused to listen to the recording saying he didn’t have to since he had been briefed on the content. And in his interview he said that the Saudi prince had told him that he has no knowledge of the killing. Trump added that it may be no one will find out who was behind the killing and pointed to US sanctions imposed on individuals allegedly involved.

Even though the CIA does not have the direct evidence linking Crown prince Mohammed bin Salman to the murder case, the officials believe that the murder could not have taken place without the prince’s approval.

President trump said that they would be having full reports in the next two days concerning the murder of Mr. khashoggi. In his interview, president trump said that he had spoken to the CIA on the findings of the murder case and he said that his administrations verdict was eminent.

However, an ally of president trump said he did not believe the Saudi prince denials and if he was going to be the face of Saudi Arabia going forward then the kingdom would have a hard time on the world stage.