The soccer simulator

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The new edition of the football video game of the Japanese company Konami, Pro Evolution Soccer 2019, will have its gala night in Buenos Aires. This afternoon, from 7 pm, fans will be able to see and try at Sitio Palermo (Humbolt 1464, City of Buenos Aires) the potential of this simulator that has been scoring goals on the Playstation and Xbox consoles for more than 20 years.

The PES 2019 tour, called “Pre Season Tour”, started on July 17 in Italy and has already crossed six countries: France, Portugal, Germany, Russia, Colombia and Turkey. The idea of ​​Konami was to take to the fans of the game the experience of testing the PES 2019 before its official launch on August 30th. A few days before, on the 8th of that month, the trial version will be available.

As often happens year after year, the Pro Evolution Soccer demo allows the saga fan to try several of the game modes that will be in the final version, such as the exhibition game, the quick match and the team game mode. (CO-OP). Everything can be played in the stadiums of the Camp Nou in Barcelona or the VELTINS Arena of the German team FC Schalke 04.

They will also have at their disposal a selection of 10 teams, including Barcelona, ​​Liverpool, Schalke 04 and Inter Milan, among others – in addition to the national teams of Argentina and the brand new champion of the last World Cup in Russia, France.

This PES 2019 promises to continue with the spirit of the previous editions of the famous soccer simulation series, although with a set of new features and improvements.

In addition to being the title with the most licenses of the franchise (10), players in this opportunity include a visible fatigue index that will impact the performance and behavior on the court; a new mechanics of shooting and improved physics of the ball; and the use of Enlighten software for real visual effects, such as the fall of the afternoon sun during the game; and for the first time, the game will have 4K HDR quality on all platforms.