Spider-Man Becomes the Fastest Selling Game on PlayStation

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It has been two weeks since the release of Marvel’s Spider-man game on PlayStation and it has become play station’s fastest selling game ever. This is not the first Spidey video game to be released but it is the only one that has been released exclusively on the PlayStation 4.

Stan Lee and Steve Ditko created Spider-Man in 1962. They made its first appearance in Amazing Fantasy #15. Its first video game appearance was made twenty years later in 1982, with the name Spider-Man. This first-ever Spider-man game featured a Marvel character.

That game was released on the Atari 2600. There had been several other Spider-Man video games on other consoles since, like Gameboy, Wii, Xbox, and PlayStation. Spider-Man games claimed various kind of success over the period of time but only the spider-man PS$ game was able to receive good reviews from the critics. In their reviews, they have not only praised its story but also the graphics.

PlayStation broke this news on their official twitter account in a tweet. The tweet reads Spider-Man has quickly become PlayStation’s fastest-selling game ever. As revealed in the Tweet, Insomniac’s new game sold 3.3 million copies in the first three days of its release.

As mentioned before the video game has only been out a few weeks, which clearly means that this game is all set to break more records.

Spider-Man allows gamers to live out their dreams of swinging through New York as the famous Marvel hero. This addictive game can keep the gamers busy for an hour completing different missions and hunting different treasures which include spider-man related Easter eggs and to unlock multiple different Spidey suits.

With this success of this games, the gamers can expect Insomniac Games to create another Spider-Man installment. But don’t worry, the developers are already thinking on these lines. The Creative Director of Insomniac Games has already revealed that the next spider-man game will be about Spider-Man’s black Symbiote suit.