Second Brexit referendum requested by London mayor

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According to recent reports, earlier on Sunday, Sadiq Khan, who the London mayor recently called for another new referendum on Britain’s European Union membership. According to Sadiq Khan, the handling of Brexit negotiations which are currently handled by the prime minister have started becoming deadlocks and more so confusion to the entire counsel. He added in his statement that the Prime Minister ways of handling the Brexit negotiations was pulling the country down and more so damaging the right path through which the country should follow.

In accordance to the reports and the Brexit negotiations, March 29, Britain is expected to leave EU. Nevertheless, Theresa May’s, Prime Minister Brexit plans are still unacceptable, some business and union leaders, as well as lawmakers currently are arguing for people all over the country to participate in the final say and more so comment on the ways of dealing with Brussels and the current Brexit issues. May, on the other hand, has repeatedly tried as much as possible to rule out a chance of a second referendum. In her statement, She said that all the members of parliament and not forgetting the senators will have to vote whether to accept this final deal or reject it.

However, according to a member of the main opposition Labour party, Khan, said that for this second referendum he will put pressure on Jeremy Corbyn, who is the Labour leader to make changes to his opposition to these ideas during the party annual conference meeting which is going down is week’s time. Nevertheless, a second referendum according to May will be propelled by people’s vote. May added that people this time will determine the fate of the Bauxite plans and that no party will make any conclusions after the votes are tallied. On the other hand, John McDonnell, last month said that considering all options on the table, no option should be kept off the table. London however backed the remaining EU referendum held on June 2016. In his last statement, Khan said that at the moment Britain was facing both bad deal and no-deal Brexit, which according to him are incredibly risky.