Scandal in Fortnite: they discover a Nazi symbol in the middle of the game of the moment

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The devil is in the details … also in video games.

Fortnite, the game of the moment in the whole world, has just been involved in a small (but relevant) scandal and has already opened the hatch to escape before it grows.

One of the distinguishing features of these successful survival battles (the “battle royale” style) is that it allows players to build buildings, statues and a wide range of structures.

To do this, users have to get virtual wood, metal and stone materials, with which they can put together practically whatever they can think of.

One player told Reddit that he got an unpleasant surprise when he was working with metals.

With other users they wanted to make the floor of a dance floor and when assembling it they found that the union of four plates formed a swastika, a symbol of antiquity but characteristic of Nazism.

Soon the comments on Reddit and other networks rained down. On YouTube, a player was able to recreate the formation of the swastika in the middle of the game.

Epic Games, the studio behind Fortnite, reacted quickly. First, a developer of the company thanked the notice and said: “This was not intentional and will be treated immediately.”

Then, the company officially announced that they will eliminate the swastika in a next update of the game, and showed how the pieces of metal will be, when they are joined again in that way.