Saudi Arabia Detains Egyptian for Eating Breakfast With Female Coworker

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Saudi Arabian authorities have detained an Egyptian hotel worker on Sunday after a video went viral on social media in which he could be seen eating breakfast with a female Saudi, said the labor ministry. The ministry has also summoned the owner of the unidentified hotel for interrogation.

The video was shared widely on the social media. In this video, the pair could be seen eating breakfast together at a table. They also waved at the camera. The woman was wearing a traditional black robe called abbayya with a veil covering her face. At one point, she feeds the man a piece of food.

According to a statement issued by the labor ministry, after the video went viral, an inspection team had visited the hotel in the western city of Mecca and detained the Egyptian man for violating the culture of the kingdom and for working in a profession that is only restricted to the locals.

The ministry has also summoned the owner of the hotel “for failing to adhere to spatial controls for employing women”, the statement added.

Government regulations instruct that workplaces should ensure a separate setting for both female and males employees.

Later, a statement was also issued by the public prosecutor urging foreigners to abide by the kingdom’s laws and respect its values and traditions.

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia has recently adopted a number of changes in their social and cultural setup including ending a ban on women driving and opening up cinema halls and new means of entertainment for the people but still, there are some conservative traditions left which question the real intentions of the authorities.