Russia’s Far East to re-run elections after fraud scandal during the elections

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According to recent reports, on Thursday, the local election commission said in an official statement that the regional election which were previously held in Russia’s the Far East would be re-run. This was a rare blow on Kremlin after the allegations that the entire votes had been rigged and that the votes favored its candidate. However, ruling Russia’s Primorsky Region includes Pacific port of Vladivostok, which is 6,400 km equivalent to 4,000 miles east of Moscow which came just a day following Russia’s top election official who recommended for an election re-run. Head of the Central Election Commission, Ella Pamfilova, however did not at any point accused Andrei Tarasenko, who is Kremlin-backed candidate, of his attempt in orchestrating vote-rigging, but in his statement he said that from the available ballot results, it is clearly seen that there exists a raft of irregularities which he said was identified. He also added that apart from raft of irregularities in the votes cast, there was ballot stuffing and also buying of votes.

On Thursday, Tatyana Gladkikh, who is the chairwoman of the local election commission in a statement after the announcement of the re-run said that they believe that considering the circumstances, it is not possible at any time to understand reliably result of all willing people. By this he meant that at the moment the central election body can not declare either of the participated candidates as elected. However, the elections body said that new election (re-run) must be done within 3 months immediately after the annulation of the Sept. 16 vote. Nevertheless, there have been reversals in elections concerning select regional governors beginning of this month which amount to worst reveling itself on the Kremlin-backed candidates from 2012.Though according to the elections body there is no impending immediate threat in the ruling United Russia party’s which are currently gripping on power. The central election body suggested the growing of discontent over the living standards and not least plans on delaying retirement age which according to the election rules have been reflected in the decline to popularity ratings towards President Vladimir Putin.