Review of Crucial MX500: the solid state disk (SSD) that starts your computer in 21 seconds

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“Experts in memories and storage”: the Crucial brand launched the MX500, a solid state disk (SSD) of up to 2TB that makes computers or laptops incredibly fast.

A solid state disk (SSD, for its acronym in English “Solid State Drive”) is a storage unit that fulfills the same function as a hard drive (HDD, “Hard Disk Drive”). But it uses a different technology, which is similar to the “flash” memories, the pendrive that we all use to carry information.

For this reason, information is stored and handled entirely digitally through small electrical discharges. This differentiates them from traditional hard drives, which use a physical disk with an “arm” (like a pick) that reads information mechanically using a motor, and makes them much faster than HDDs.

In addition, SSDs are very small and extremely light.

An SSD is an attractive product for anyone who wants to have a fast computer. Today, it is often better to invest in these units than to make a change in processor or memory.

Therefore, it is also an excellent option for gamers, since it significantly reduces loading speeds when starting games.

The Crucial MX500

It is a 2.5 “SSD with a tremendous performance in terms of speed of reading and copying files.

The start of the operating system takes around 21 seconds. Yes, you read well: from pressing the power button until we are on the Windows or MacOS desktop, it takes only 21 seconds to start.

It comes with a tool that is not explained in the box or in the brochure: Acronis, a program to clone the old disk over the new one (more information, below).
Appearance, dimensions and connectivity

The disk is small and very light. It measures 10 x 7 x 0,7 cm.

It comes accompanied by a plastic spacer, an accessory that is necessary in laptops.
Crucial MX500: the Micron SSD disk: the spacer for laptops, the disk and a brochure

Crucial MX500: the Micron SSD disk: the spacer for laptops, the disk and a brochure

On a desktop PC, the solid state disk is screwed into a bay without problems and fits. But due to the space that an HDD can leave when it is removed, a laptop can be left empty space and “dance”. For this, the plastic spacer from 7 to 9.5 mm “fills” and fixes the SSD.

In terms of connectivity, the MX500 uses the SATA III 6Gbps interface, but it is also backward compatible: it works with SATA II and SATA I (of course, at lower speeds).

Installation, very easy but in English

As with any other solid state disk, the installation is very simple. For starters, because they are much less delicate than the classic hard drives, whose dishes should be treated with caution to avoid knocks and proximity to any magnetic device (such as a magnet).

To install it, you have to open the PC and use the classic SATA connector to the motherboard, along with the power cable. There are no tutorials on YouTube to learn how to do it. And the Crucial site has a step by step for PC and laptops (also in English).

In the manual that accompanies the disc there is a brochure that explains that the instructions are in, where is the step by step for the installation next to the controllers, but there is no option in Spanish.

As they explained from Crucial to Clarín, they are working to offer a version in Spanish in the coming weeks.

How to go from your previous record to the new one

To move from an old disk to a new one, there is always the option to start from scratch. In some cases it is convenient, if what you want is to clean the PC a bit from materials that are there long ago and are not used, such as useless programs and files. But in other cases, the cloning option is the most effective, quick and convenient.

Interestingly, they do not offer anywhere in their box or manual to Acronis, their disk cloning tool. It can be downloaded and used in 3 steps on a special Acronis page for Crucial.

You have to type and take a site to use the software.

If there is an MX500 installed on the computer, the program automatically detects it and does not request any type of activation or password.