Melania Trump Wears Colonial Hat During Her Tour in Kenya

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The first lady of United States is on her week-long tour to Africa. She started her tour by arriving in Ghana earlier this week. Her next destination was Malawi before going to Kenya and finishing her tour in Egypt. Melania Trump’s main agenda to Africa is about childhood nutrition and wildlife conservation.

However, she has been criticized for wearing a colonial hat during her tour in Nairobi National park. One of the wildlife conservancies in the midst of a city. While at the wildlife conservancy she fed to baby elephants that were raised in the park. She even tripped when she was feeding the elephants but was able to find her foot before she fell.

But, what caught the attention of many people especially the media was the white hat she was wearing. Many described it has a colonial hat. It looked similar to one the colonial governments wore especially when they were in African countries which Kenya was part of.

According to reports by CNN, they explained her style f dressing as “evocative of colonialists”. In addition, Mart Carotenuto said that this is no different to what she wore confederate attire during her visit to Alabama cotton farm. He also said that “Melania’s dressing code was her understanding of Africa this year.” Mr. Mart is a professor at Lawrence University.

Even the Kenyan citizens were annoyed with her dressing style some starting conversations in Twitter. They described her dressing as taking them to the dark days of colonialism. During her visit to Kenya, she was also shown a pile of ash of ivory that was seized and burnt in the country recently. Melania Trump also visited a children’s orphanage in Nairobi and was went to the National Theatre where she saw children performing.

Everything about her tour to Africa was perfect but her dressing while in Kenya is what has made her tour to Africa look bad.