Libya’s oil corporation headquarters attacked by gunmen

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According to recent reports, on Monday it was reported that Several armed gunmen who until now are unknown attacked the National Oil Corporation (NOC) headquarters which is located in the Libyan capital. After a span of several minutes, a blasts were heard. What followed next was vehicles seen ferrying away wounded people away from the attacked building in ambulances. According to reports, this alleged attack came just before a week after a fragile was imposed on truce and suspended fierce clashes which broke between armed rival groups in Tripoli. According to reports this was among the latest eruption scene of violence seen in Libya. According to the reporters, this violence has been continuing in turmoil since a 2011. From the witness on the scene, they reported that the Gunfire’s rang out immediately the security forces from Tripoli-based government arrived and accessed the building through a large glass office complex which is located in central Tripoli.

A NOC member of staff who was a witness to the act inside the building said in a statement that the gunmen started shooting people randomly inside the building. He continued by adding that he could not bear to be the next victim since several people were already dead so he jumped through a window opening within the office to flee from this mad gunman. In his statement he said that several people where shot dead. He also explained to the reporters and the local authorities in aid of rescue to the remaining individuals inside the building that the gunmen where around 3 or 4 and we’re heavily armed.

According to witness, the Security force within the scene had to smash windows wide open so as the trapped staff could get a window to escape. However, during the smashing of the window several people got hurt by the falling shattered glass. However, after all this tragedy, Mustafa Sanalla, the NOC Chairman and his office manager were seen leaving the building safely with no injury of any kind. However, after the forces where in position, Smoke was released and rose into the air. On the other side the security forces took their positions and contained the surrounding roads to ensure minimal escape of the gunmen.