Joe Roots urges all batsmen to adapt methods used by Virat kohli’s

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According to recent reports from England, Joe Roots, England skipper urges his batmen to adapt entirely India batman, Virat Kohli’s methods when it comes to swinging the bat. Joe Roots told his batmen following the criticism he faced following the defeat which was held at the Trent Bridge Test on Wednesday.

During the test on Wednesday, fast bowlers from India team ensured a defeat against England after bundling out England with a score of 161. This was between morning and noon.  Indian team on the other hand did not let go the morale until winning the last fifth round.  In this level, India managed a score of 203 in the last fifth round which narrowed down the stiff competition between the two team leading to a 2-1 win of India against England.

According to John Roots, England failure started immediately as the tests and March’s begun. According to him, falling of Alastair Cook, the England opener by (29, 16) and John Roots (16, 13) as the third man in the match drag them being India following a magnificent scores by Indian counterpart Virat kohli who gave India a led with a score of (97 ,103) wwhichifrcompared to the world’s batmen in leading test like Ajinkya Rahane, John Roots and Cheteshwar Pujara was considered a raising score of the century.

However, according to the best worlds batmen, said that at the moment the batmen have seaming seasons considering the change in rules and the training each team receives.  Nevertheless, the batmen said that this was a fifty chance. John Roots on the other hand told the reporters after the match that, looking at the three matches,  India had a drastic change in their game and this was difficult for the England team to adapt.  According to him, India come up with a new strategy in maintaining a win all through the game.

England on the other hand was busy trying to adapt Indian methods during the matches and this was the major factor that dragged England in losing against India. John Root told his batmen the only way to win in any of the coming March’s is by adopting Indian skipper Virat Kohli methods of changing the game play.