Innovation USA calls to develop weapons through a million-dollar Internet competition

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The current innovations in armaments matter do not seem to reach for the Army of the United States. So much so that announced a competition that will award up to 2 million dollars in prizes to tempt small businesses to develop a new and sophisticated line of weapons.
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The program is called Army Expeditionary Technology Search or, simply, xTechSearch, and is intended to connect the US Navy with “non-traditional defense partners,” according to Engadget.

The competition, whose bases are on the site, comes at a difficult time for the relationship of the military with the world of technology. Recently, the engineers of the giants Google, Microsoft and Amazon openly rebelled to cooperate with the Army and any kind of law enforcement.
The bases of the competition can be found on the site. (Photo: capture)

The bases of the competition can be found on the site. (Photo: capture)

Therefore, the link that the army intends to sign with small companies in the technology sector could be the attempt to establish a foothold in the development of new crucial technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) or cloud services, among others.
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However, the competition is looking for technological resources that reduce the cost of tank production, missile defense systems, as well as innovations that tend to “improve the lethality (of the soldier) in hand-to-hand combat”.