France: Father of two prisoned for feeding sons on Coca-Cola only

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The father of two boys, ages three and four, has been jailed in France for feeding them completely on Coca-Cola, the children’s lawyer told the court.

The father is an illiterate who can neither read, nor write. He doesn’t realize the seriousness of the situation. He has spent all his welfare money on alcohol. Carole Papon, a representative of the association French Victims 87, said on Wednesday.

The court was told that the man had been failed to meet his obligations as a parent between 2016 and 2018.

The family had no money after he spent the whole welfare money on alcohol. They had nothing to eat. They only had coca cola to drink. Father fed both children on cakes and Coca-Cola only not realizing how the carbonated drink was affecting the health of his children. The lawyers also told the court that the man was violent towards his wife and children.

The court jailed him for three months on Wednesday in Limoges, central France.

This only Coca-Cola diet had damaged seven sugar-rotten teeth of the eldest boy. The younger one does not speak. Both kids have been taken into government custody where they have been given fruits and vegetables to eat. This is the first time they are eating these things.

Bruno Robinet, the deputy public prosecutor told a news agency that they had nothing in their flat.

“There was no fridge in their apartment, the children slept on a mattress without covers and there were no toys…Their father fed them on cakes and coke,” he added.

This is the first case of this nature in France. The human rights activists said that the country should make progressive measures for all classes of the society.

“No child should be fed on cake and Coca-Cola only. They deserve better. It is a responsibility of the government to ensure that each and every child living in its territories get the best facilities,” A human rights activist said.