Former PM Najib to face another 21 more money laundering charges says Malaysian police

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According to recent reports, on Thursday, the police said that former Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak currently is facing a total of 21 money laundering charges which were laid against him over $681 million transfer to his bank account. According to reports, this money was allegedly connected to the scandal on the state fund 1MDB. Nevertheless, Noor Rashid Ibrahim, the Deputy Inspector-General of Police in a statement said that the money-laundering accusations also include nine other counts of illegal receiving proceeds, five more counts for usage of illegal proceeds and finally seven extra counts on transfers proceedings made to other entities. On Thursday however, Najib, during a court hearing about this charges he denied any of the 21 wrongdoing charges he was being accused off. In the meanwhile, he was supposed to be prosecuted and charged in a court hearing the same day over this transfers made of funds to his own personal bank account. In addition to this matter, the case was also linked to unclear disappearance of billion dollars which come from the state fund which is heavily indebted to 1Malaysia Development Berhad also referred to 1MDB.

In addition to this, Najib, who is the initial founder of the 1MDB in 2009 is currently facing intense scrutiny of the unexpectedly losing in the general election which were held in May to the current PM Mahathir Mohamad. Mohamad after being elected immediately reopened the investigations into this allegation whereby Major was involved in the disappearance and emblazonment of billions of dollars which were allegedly stolen from this fund. Noor however did not indicate in his statement whether all the 21 charges concerning money laundering were all related to the 1MDB, nevertheless the lawsuits which were filed by United States Department of Justice assured that the $681 million according to transactions tracking less its way to Najib’s personal bank account from the bank account where this fund is currently being held. Najib, however with all this charges still denies having this kind of money in his account. However, thorough investigation is still going on in accordance to the ongoing charges.