Exchanges in Pokémon GO: requirements, operation and cost

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During the past weekend we have devoted many hours to Pokémon GO, the incombustible title of Niantic for iOS and Android that, after two years of life, has finally included the long-awaited exchanges, a fundamental part of the DNA of the most successful brand in the world of entertainment. At first only players with a level 40 or higher could make exchanges; then it was reduced to 30, and so on to ensure that the servers did not collapse. Now many more can take advantage of this functionality, but how does it work?

How to exchange in Pokémon GO

The first thing we must take into account are the requirements. Not to open a new account now you can make exchanges at home with two mobile phones, but it must be at least Level 10, something easy to get up very quickly in the first levels of the game. Once we have the coach at that level, we will have to make friends with the person with whom you want to make the exchange.

Add someone as a friend
To add someone as a friend is very simple: click on the icon of the coach> Friends> Add friend. Here you will see a box where you must enter the friend code of the person in question; You can also copy your code so that others can send you the friend request. When the sender has sent the request, it will only be necessary to wait for the other party to accept. At that time you will be friends.

Maximum distance allowed
The third requirement is that between the two friends there is a maximum distance of 100 meters. This measure was intended to prevent the black market of exchanges. A simple example: people who upload to the Internet Pokémon ads of a high CP number in exchange for tens of real euros. With this measure, this type of practice is almost completely eliminated, reducing it almost to the face-to-face meeting. If you are less than 100 meters from your friend, the exchange will be possible.

Price: how much does it cost?
The next step is to make the exchange itself, which proceeds through the selection of the friend in proximity with which we want to do the process (just to the option of “Send gift.” But take advantage of this function has a cost: Powder The higher the level of friendship between you, the less Dust you will have to spend, initially it will cost 100 powders.

Exchange types
Not all Pokémon are the same. Niantic has differentiated between Nominal and Special exchanges. The first ones include the exclusives of each region, forms that we do not have registered in the Pokédex (Unown, Alola forms, Castform) or any other creature that we have not yet registered and that is not Legendary.

On the other hand, the Specials, which include Legendary Pokémon and Variocolor.

Legendary and Variocolor Pokémon – Special Exchanges
Among other aspects to keep in mind, it is necessary to say that only one exchange of Legendary Pokémon can be made per day. Same with the Shiny / Variocolor creatures or species that we do not have registered in the Pokédex. Do not hesitate to send gifts to your friends (one a day) to increase your level of friendship and benefit from all the advantages when making exchanges in Pokémon GO.

Awards and rewards
When you make an exchange you receive rewards. Whenever you complete one of them you will receive extra Caramels (if they were initially captured in locations that are very far away from each other, the amount of candy will be greater); In addition, the number of HP and CP of the Pokémon exchanged will vary depending on the level of friendship: the more friendship, the more the original values ​​will be maintained.