EPA’s new climate change plan and the hoax behind it

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According to recent reports, the nation’s Clean Power Plan which was initiated by the former U. S President Barack Obama is about to be replaced by the new proposal by the Trump administration. This nation’s Clean Power Plan was under the Obama administration before Trump stepped in and gave a new direction of the plan under his administration. This initial clean power plan by the Obama’s administration came under a EPA referred to as the ACE (affordable Clean Energy).

However, let me tell you that this was a trick.  Considering the methods in which the power was generated it was clearly that this past clean power plan under Obama administration was expensive somehow. According to the energy reports, the clean power plan was used in generating power from coal-fired plants.  Nevertheless, this Clean Power Plan from the press release from the White House not once does it talk on the climate changes nor the effects of this new power plan.  According to Trump administration concerned with the Clean Power Plan proposal, the idea from Trump is to avoid at all cost the climate change factor.

Looking at the factory which the Obama’s administration administered, the areas around the factory and the entire plant have suffered from climatic changes due to the gases emitted from this plant. According to experts in the field of power generation, even though Trump want to eliminate this climatic changes, the facts still remains that U. S since 20 years ago has been generating its power from coal.  The experts and analysis have show a report that even though the efforts of Trump reducing this generation from coal. The percentage of coal plant power generation has only dropped by 13% from the previous 20 years so it is more than impossible to eliminate this plan.

According to power generation, for the power generation plan to work effectively and save resources, the coal heat furnicase need to be installed with energy saving components which will assist in producibg electricity at a less usage of coal.  This will not only save resources but also resolve the climate changes since less coal will be used during production of electricity.