Australian strawberry sales stopped by NZ supermarket chain after needles where discovered inside the berries

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According to recent reports, on Tuesday, a New Zealand supermarket chain after complains from customers pulled a brand of Australian strawberries from its shelves after discovering punnets of needles purchased from a sales store in Auckland. Shortly after the occurrence of this incident, neighboring Australia have been left gripped. More so at the moment the police are thoroughly investigating over 100 reports concerned with needles which were obtained in fruit. During this ongoing investigations, the police have yesterday a report saying that up to yesterday, the investigations carried out obtained this needles just two weeks ago. According to the police report, these needles were first located inside strawberries which were produced by supplier who currently is living in the northern state of Queensland. This was devastating as the berries turns up to have circulated across the country beside northern state of Queensland were it was produced. In addition to this, the police in the report added that also this needles according to the investigation are also inside other fruits apart from the strawberries. This according to the people is a horrific thing since their lives ae at stake.

In addition to this, on Sunday, the New Zealand grocery chain Countdown owned by the Australia’s Woolworths Limited in a statement through the company’s website said that strawberries known as the (Choice), which at the moment the main source of production is in the state of Western Australia, will immediately be withdrawn. According to the police, this was a precautionary measure to avoid further spread and also a precaution after this needles were located inside the berries as this could be unhealthy to human being and a threat to human life at large. However, It was not clear about the entrance of this contaminated berries in New Zealand. However, in the beginning of last week, Australia said that from the incident with the berries the authorities will be using metal detectors in screening all the strawberry which the country exports. However, on Monday, Damien O’Connor, current New Zealand’s Primary Industries Minister said that up to mow it was not clear whether these strawberries were tampered with in New Zealand or Australia.