Afghan ambassador says that Afghan troops will train in China

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According to recent reports from China, Afghanistan has requested that China Help in training Afghan troops. However as from the request, China accessed and during an interview with reporters, China communicated and said that they will be training Afghan troops on the Chinese soil, the current Afghanistan’s ambassador located in Beijing said that training the Afghan troops will help India and Afghanistan military in cooperating to fight the Islamic State militants and al Qaeda which currently is bent and responsible for the attacks in China from China’s western neighbour country. Afghanistan, on the other hand, has also requested China to provide Afghan security forces with all the combat aid including helicopters and other military equipment support which would assist Afghanistan in fighting this Islamic troops. Janan Mosazai, the Ambassador in an interview with one of the media houses said that this training will not only help to fight the existing terrorist in the two countries but will help Afghanistan at one point be independent and supportive to its country security.

Nevertheless, Beijing early last month dismissed all the reports that claimed Chinese troops will be collaborating with Afghanistan troop and stationed in fighting its neighbour’s war, this dismissal was said immediately after China agreed to assist Afghanistan in setting up a brigade in the mountains of Wakhan Corridor which is considered a link between the two countries. On Tuesday in the interview, Mosazai, however, said that even though this was the case, the training which Afghan troops needed would be taking place on China’s soil. The Chinese military, on the other hand, promised to not only assist in training Afghan troops but also in the supply of a two-wing transport aircraft which during this war would serve mainly for purposes of medical evacuation. Mosazai also added that the crews for these planes provided by China were training as we speak in China. He also added that China’s response on this request for these helicopters would provide aid and positive effect and more so Kabul requested Beijing To help in providing Afghanistan with the capabilities so that Afghanistan could purchase these equipment’s at on point.