Abaco, the new and complete digital platform for Personal

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The Abaco digital platform, developed for any user of Argentine mobile, is already available and there you can consult all kinds of topics of interest from the cell phone screen. It is content focused on all ages, in the most varied interests and can be accessed -with a prior subscription- by Telecom Personal customers.

The Abaco publishing offer ranges from audiovisual courses -such as English courses- to stories and learning books for children. Also included are biographies, playlists of the best composers, games for the exercise of memory, knowledge tests and an extensive collection of scientific, technological and historical topics.

They are presented with attractive infographics and animations. And everything, through a visual and interactive format, specially programmed for its deployment on a mobile phone.

The selection of contents was directed by a group of experts, who also coordinated the production of each topic. And periodically they will offer, in the same multimedia format, current issues.

The subscribers of the platform will be able to download and share all the published contents. The weekly subscription for Telecom Personal customers is $ 14.50, with registration through www.abaco.club, or by sending an SMS with the word abaco to the number 3030.

This launch complements Personal’s entertainment offer for its customers through the Personal Play platform: video, music and games, which are the pillars for the construction of the value content strategy.